April 6, 2016

To our friends, neighbors, and patrons:
The loss of our beloved friend and trusted colleague Ryan Roberts last fall created a deep and irreconcilable void in our hearts and in the spirit that has fueled the success of
Cullen’s American Grille and Whisk(e)y Bar since its inception. His shocking and unexpected passing prompted Sandra and I to reflect on the brevity and uncertainty of life, and to reexamine every aspect of the work we do and the time we spend together. After hours of discussion and prayer, we have decided to focus on those business endeavors which will most dramatically enhance the quality of our lives and maximize the time we have with our son and daughter, Cullen and Macy. 

In pursuit of that dream for our family, we have entered into an agreement with a group of local medical professionals to repurpose the Cullen’s complex as a health care facility. Work on this reconfiguration will begin immediately.

We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to our employees, our vendors, and our guests for their contributions to the growth and culinary achievements of our award-winning restaurant. It has been a source of great pride for us and, hopefully, for the entire Bay Area community.
We wish you all the peace and happiness that life may afford, with whatever path you choose, and ask for your support and understanding of the path we have chosen.

With deepest appreciation and thanks,
Sandra and Kevin Munz